Categoria: Abstracts numero 10

Foreign Poetry in Italy, “A Gift of Freedom”

by Giulia Iannuzzi |

This article is a historical survey of translated poetry in Italy, starting from a few important publications in the late 19th century that prepared the ground for the future. It reports the appearance, coding and use of parallel texts, and all subsequent publishing projects which marked

Exercises in Rhyme. A Quatrain by Yves Bonnefoy and a Few Paradoxes

by Valerio Magrelli |

An extract from a forthcoming book, this article analyses a specific aspect of poetic translation: the problem of how to reproduce rhymes. The text develops from a single example, a quatrain specially composed by Yves Bonnefoy for a German primary school. The aim is to show what happens if one tries to reproduce both the poem’s metric and its monorhyme. The article illustrates two alternative solutions, each of which gives rise to a couple of Italian versions of the French original.

Translating from Dutch, Flemish & Co.

by Jean Robaey |

Dutch, Flemish and other Netherlandic poetry has been translated into Italian since the beginning of the last century but it is still a marginal activity, complicated by the scarce knowledge of Dutch and Flemish culture in Italy. The author traces