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a cura di Katy Hannan

Images, sounds, impressions. The viewpoint of a newcomer in the field of children’s literature translation

by Pier Simone Pischedda The author describes the problems faced by a newcomer to the field of children’s literature in translation. In particular, the analysis focuses on an under-researched area in the field: the translation of sound symbolism (mainly ideophones and onomatopoeia) in Italian picture books and comics. The linguistic and cultural constraints involved in the process and the reception of the translated text by young readers are also briefly discussed.

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Review / 1: The architectures of Babel, a cura di Tiziana Migliore e Paolo Fabbri, Olschki, Firenze 2011

by Aurelia Martelli The Architectures of Babel contains the contributions published in the second edition of  I Dialoghi di San Giorgio, organised by the Giorgio Cini Foundation on the topic: The Architectures of Babel. At this event linguists, semiologists, and sociologists met with philosophers, scientists and poets to discuss what is happening to ‘language’ in the integration and clash between different cultures, ethnic groups and religions. The result is an inevitably complex ‘dialogue’ with an openly declared interdisciplinary structure, but which is not always successful in achieving what interdisciplinary activities aim for: the integration of methods and objectives between different…

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Review / 3: Donata Feroldi ed Elena Dal Pra, Dizionario Analogico della lingua italiana, Zanichelli, Bologna 2012 pp. 960

by Carla Marello This is a new analogical Italian language dictionary with 4000 headings containing lexical material on basic fundamental Italian terms. The list of words under each heading is organised with a predefined index system for direct access to the lexical subgroup linked with the term in question. As well as the traditional Aristotelian classification of types, places, parts, persons, characteristics, actions, there is also a RELATED TO index with a large amount of data from corpus-based research in the Biblioteca Italiana Zanichelli and the digitalised archives of certain Italian newspapers.

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Review / 4: The multiple interventions on a published literary work

by Gianfranco Petrillo A review of two books – one by Alberto Cadioli, Le diverse pagine (Il Saggiatore) and the other, Protagonisti nell’ombra (Unicopli – Fondazione Mondadori), by several authors, edited by Giancarlo Ferretti – which shed light on the many passages and changes a text undergoes between its initial creation by the author and the final version that reaches the reader, as well as the many figures who intervene between the two.

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The Old Reader

REMINISCENCES&GRUMPS — Our Old Reader entertains us with anecdotes and reminiscences of his past readings as he muses over language change and over the role of the craft of translation today.

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