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A cura di Katy Hannan

L’argot n’existe pas

by Luciana Cisbani A linguistic register that reflects the history of the French language and literature, argot is a constantly changing and slippery material; a perilous and irresistible chasm for the tightrope walker-translator, as can be seen in the short translation analysis of a whodunit by San-Antonio, one of the best representatives of argotic literature.

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You’re nobody if you’re not a dissident

by Giulia Baselica May 1977, a reader, wanting to know if there were any Italian translations of non-dissident Soviet writers, wrote to the editorial staff of the “Tuttolibri” supplement of the “Stampa” in Turin, hoping for a comprehensive answer. That letter sparked off an interesting debate that involved a Slavonic scholar, Serena Vitale, and a very committed editor, Ugo Mursia. First of all, the article pays homage to the courageous cultural project created and organised by the publishing house for almost twenty years. The project diffused the works of several of the most important, non-dissident Soviet authors. Secondly the article…

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Latin, the bridge between Greek culture and the modern world

by Emanuele Zimbardi Latin literature is considered the bridge that enabled Greek culture to penetrate and spread throughout Europe. In fact, since the very beginning, Latin authors embraced Hellenic culture through an intense activity of translation that remained constant until the Early Modern era, although with varying degrees of intensity according to each period in history. The Greek roots of European literature became definitively established after that time.

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A residence for foreign translators in Rome

by Simona Cives The Casa delle Traduzioni is part of the RECIT network and is a specialized research center and library dedicated to translation. It includes a highly specialized library, accommodation for selected foreign translators, and offers a wide range of cultural activities, in particular translation workshops. It cooperates with many Italian and international institutions. Casa delle Traduzioni has an important role to play in the field of literary translation.

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