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Borìs Pasternàk’s Translation Notes

by Giulia Baselica | Besides being a poet and a writer, Borìs Pasternàk was a translator: from 1914 to 1954 he translated poetry and plays from various languages and cultures. His reflections on the relationship between a source text and its version

An inquiry into an ill-known job

THE REVISION OF EDITORIAL TRANSLATIONS FROM ENGLISH INTO ITALIAN by Giovanna Scocchera | The article introduces and illustrates the research methodology, project design and realization of the first survey on the practice of professional revision in Italy.

A quiet comeback

THE HISTORY OF A NEW TRANSLATION WHICH DID NOT MAKE THE HEADLINES by Damiano Latella | Sixty-eight years after the first and only Italian translation of Albert Camus’ The Stranger, by Alberto Zevi, a new version

From my den to the Moon

by Cristiana Mennella | Since she found it impossible to keep a diary of her long and intense stay in Texas at the invitation of the Lannan Foundation, Cristiana Mennella presents her memories to the reader as a bunch of snapshots.

The Lord Mayor who was a translator

GAETANO NEGRI E PIERINO PORCOSPINO by Valeria Barbieri | Heinrich Hoffmann’s Struwwelpeter, written in 1844, is one of the most famous illustrated books for children in German-speaking countries. We owe its best known Italian translation to Gaetano Negri, an important Milanese politician