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Loss or gain?

AN AMERICAN EDITION OF PRIMO LEVI’S COMPLETE WORKS by Susanna Basso and Domenico Scarpa | On 15th October 2015 Norton Liveright presented in New York the three volumes of Primo Levi’s Complete Works, edited by Ann Goldstein.

The Shepherd of Multiplicity

SERGIO ATZENI, GREAT WRITER GREAT TRANSLATOR by Gianfranco Petrillo | Sergio Atzeni was not only a great writer, but a great translator. “tradurre” commemorates the 20th anniversary of his tragic death

Pour Sergio

by Patrick Chamoiseau | Twenty years ago, in this brief and deeply felt portrait, the great Martinican writer described his Italian translator, the writer Sergio Atzeni, as a brother and a friend, an islander and a postcolonial like him

Through an opaque veil

INTRODUCTION TO ATZENI’S PARMA WORKSHOP by Gigliola Sulis | In 2005 Gigliola Sulis, the main expert of Sergio Atzeni’s writings, published the transcription of Atzeni’s Parma workshop in a Sardinian academic journal, together with an introduction,

The Parma Workshop

by Sergio Atzeni | On 3rd May 1995, four months before his tragic death, Sergio Atzeni held a workshop for the French course students of professor Elena Pessini of Parma University, who recorded the meeting.

An accurate and scrupulous craftsman

SERGIO ATZENI’S CAREER AS A TRANSLATOR, AS I WITNESSED IT by Paola Mazzarelli | In Turin, where he met Ernesto Ferrero and other personalities of the publishing world, Sergio Atzeni discovered he could make a living from translation.

Fighting for a language of one’s own

NGUGI WA THIONG’O AND HIS SELF-TRANSLATION INTO GIKUYU by Sara Amorosini | This article analyses the twofold relationship of Kenyan author Ngugi wa Thiong’o (Limuru, 1938) with the practice of translation, which sees him both

Calabuig and Distance

AN EDITORIAL PROJECT FROM THE EDITOR’S POINT OF VIEW by Mariarosa Bricchi | Books are not usually perfect and if your job is to look for good ones, you will face regular disappointment and become an expert in the art of compromise. Ultimately, each book you decide to publish is only an approximation to the ideal book

A newfound continent, a lost continent

SPANISH AMERICA IN ITALIAN by Stefano Tedeschi | Throughout the 20th century, the diffusion of Spanish-American literature in Italy followed the evolution of publishing, the changes in taste and translation strategies.